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Broken vacuum hose

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I have my Malibu back on the road, but there are a couple of issues that have so far thwarted me.

First, something that may have happened as a result of the crash is a broken vacuum line.

Its location is on the other side of a tee from the PCV. There is a tee into the intake, with the hose to the PCV coming toward the front, and then another one going toward the back.

On my car, the hose toward the back ends in a ragged break, and I can't find in the Haynes manual where it's supposed to go. With the engine running, it just sucks air.

Here's a photo:

I will ask about the other issue in a separate topic.
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I have not been able so far to find the other end. Once I figure out where the MAP sensor is, I'll check to see if it has a line going to it.

By the way, the vacuum line in question is sort of semi-rigid plastic rather than floppy rubber, if that helps ID the connection. I referred to it as a "hose," but maybe "pipe" would be more appropriate. There may even have been a hose that fit on to this plastic piece now that I think of it.

I shoved a golf tee into it just to plug the leak and the car was a lot happier out on the road.
Re: Broken vacuum tube

Okay, here's another annotated photo of this vacuum line to nowhere.

I don't think it goes to the MAP sensor, because the MAP sensor already has a couple of hoses running into it, and there's no room for any more.
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Thanks for the diagram.

Weird thing is, although the diagram would appear to show the line I'm talking about, I printed out this drawing, took it to the car, and as it turns out, the mystery connection was elsewhere.

The line going from the intake to the rear valve cover is intact.

There's some kind of sensor-esque device down and to passenger-side from the MAP sensor, and it has at least two vacuum hoses coming in and an electrical plug. I found a soft vacuum fitting with no pipe in it, and that's got to be the one.

I'll try to take a photo of it if I can get enough light tomorrow.
That's the device. Purge solenoid. Well spotted!

Now I'm scrambling to replace the soft vacuum tee at the front valve cover. It rotted and split. Kragen-O'Reilly's didn't have it, nor did Autozone.

Maybe I can put something together out of a hard tee and 3 pieces of soft hose or something.
Man, I ran into some rotted vacuum fittings on this car. Just touch the damn things and they crack and crumble.

That soft rubber tee proved impossible to find, even at the dealer parts counter, so I bought some 1/4" ID hose and a hard tee and plumbed it myself.

I figure as long is it doesn't leak I'm okay. The car is idling and running much smoothlier.

Took my first freeway trip after fixing the vacuum system and was really pleased when the Check Engine Light extinguished all by itself.

(now if I could just get that Brake Light to go out)
I have encountered lines breaking by doing lower intake manifold gaskets and have to repair them the way you did, they just seem to not last forever.
It seemed like the ones exposed to the most heat were the worst, which makes sense.
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