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I replaced all the rear bushings on a 2008 2.4 Malibu new style, I replaced the bigger lower control arm , the smaller boomerang-shaped upper control arm, and the link but, the camber is way too negative leaning out causing the inside of my rear tires to wear quite unevenly, is there a possibility that one of the replacement arms or links not the right size, I ordered new control arms, both top and bottom but they are the same size. Wearing quite

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I don't believe that the rear camber is adjustable. (Edit: It is. See next post.)

However, there is such as thing as a camber adjusting disc. I found one for you here. In short, you would put the thicker side to the top or bottom. It mounts between the hub and the knuckle.

You can also rotate it to gain or lose some toe while also adjusting the amount of camber.

With some looking around, there are also camber adjust bolts and other "nutty" things (see the pun I did there?) that you might figure a way to use.

First, though, check all of your mounts and bushings to be sure they're installed correctly and in the right places.

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Rear camber is adjustable. This is per Alldata for my old '09
Rear Camber Adjustment

  1. Loosen the inner lower control arm cam bolt nuts.
  2. Rotate the cam bolts to the required camber specification setting. Refer to Wheel Alignment Measurement (See: Service and Repair).
Caution: Refer to Fastener Caution (See: Service Precautions\Vehicle Damage Warnings\Fastener Caution).

  1. Maintain the camber setting while tightening the cam bolt nuts.
Tighten the inner lower control arm (front) bolt nut to 110 Nm (81 lb ft).

Check the toe setting AFTER changing camber or caster.

  1. Check the camber setting after tightening.
  2. Adjust the camber setting if necessary.
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