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I called the dealer and they said it needs to go through a relearn since I saw the security symbol pop up.

But the car died the other day because the fuel pump and battery I guess are not too great. Pulled over, cop pushed me to a safer place. Gave me a $35 ticket and moving violation. YAY. Then the battery died from waiting with the hazards on for 30mins. Tows me to get gas and a jump, lights go whacky and show airbag, security, tpms etc. clear out, once everything is said and done and I am back home the key, or any keys don't want to seem to work. I thought the guy jumped the terminals backwards, but not having a key working is pissing me off. I tried to do the passkey relearn. 11 mins each 3x, but its not working.

Is there a better way to do this without needing a tech 2? I just got a used fuel pump now im trying to find a battery, but the key thing really grinds my gears. I shouldn't have to go to a dealer if my battery craps the bed....

Thanks all!

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all the information I have indicates if NONE of the fobs work, you need a scan tool with bi-directional controls.

If ONE fob works, you simply put the key in the ignition, turn it to RUN
hit lock/unlock on the working fob, then lock/unlock on the non-working one.

If this is unsuccessful, then you need to clear ALL the fobs out of the Keyless Entry module and start over with a scan tool.

Keys themselves are easy.. put the key in, turn it to run until the Theft light goes out. Turn the ignition off. Repeat two more times.
Do this for each key.
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