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Car hesitated to go from a complete stop

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I have a 2016 limited. For almost a year now after my car heats up it begins to hesitate to go from a complete stop. It will begin to stop hard and roll backwards when in take my foot off the brake. I press on the gas and it jerks and stutters until it realizes I’m pressing on the gas. Have to be super cautious when pulling out in traffic because it just won’t go. I have it in the dealership over and over and because it never codes they can’t tell me anything wrong. In the winter it’s not as bad because my car takes longer to warm up but now that the weather is changing it’s beginning to happen more frequently. Has anyone experienced anything like this? If so what was the fix?
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How many miles are on the car? When it stutters, are the RPMs jumping? Or are the RPMs smoothly climbing?
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