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Car hit the ground and now struggles to accelerate troubleshooting

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Hello everyone, my first post regarding help so please bear with me.

I was out driving and I did a stupid U-turn on a small road which resulted in my front wheels taking a small dip into a grass patch and that made my car (around right behind the front wheels area I believe) slam into the ground. I got it out of that situation and kept driving but I noticed a little after it was harsh to accelerate. Pressing down little or all the way on the peddle to high RPMs took me much longer to accelerate, mostly until I hit 40ish MPH and after that it starts to accelerate fine. At around 70+MPH I noticed it felt like my car was being bounced aroundws by air and it was harsher to keep it going straight than usual.

Not sure exactly what happened, an axle concern, transmission, or anything else but I figured I could ask around here before spending money.

2019 Malibu LT
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Possible issues as I see it:
  • engine oil pan
  • transmission cooling line
  • transmission case
  • exhaust pipe
  • catalytic convertor
  • resonator
  • evap hose(s)
That's just what I can imagine off the top of my head.

As with the other comments, we don't know enough to offer any good input, other than what has already been stated: inspect the vehicle visually, and consider having it scanned for trouble codes.
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