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Cat Back Exhaust Questions

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Hey everyone, I looked on magnaflow website and they don't seem to have any information on the pricing of the exhaust system. I am curious to know if anyone has a system that is cat back that doesn't void warranty? Please tell me your setup etc... thanks
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Does anyone have any input?
I talked to Magnaflow Headquarters this evening and they told me that a system for our cars is being passed by the engineering department and it should be available in 6-8 weeks.
They said it would probably be in the $500.00-$600.00 range.
I am curious to see if it help gas mileage any. I have had magnaflow products and they are pretty good.
Is anyone willing to possibly do a group buy? I can contact Magnaflow on monday and find out if we have some people interested.
Can you post a video of what it sounds like please? I really am interested too see what it sounds like. Thanks
Thanks so much Joey! I am very interested in what that would sound like.
I like the sound of this. They deleted muffler and that was it. I like it.

I noticed on clips where people remove the resonator it sounds way to raspy. I wish it was just a V8 haha.. This don't sound too bad.
Check this out, tomorrow I am deleting the muffler and just adding straight pipe. I am doing the same thing the guy in the above videos did. I will post clips of it tomorrow.
It would cost nothing really! Just a little labor if you took it somewhere and a couple feet in pipe which is cheap. I am doing it myself but its cheap.
I deleted the muffler today and just put a y pipe in place. It really opened the sound of the car up. On idle it sounds throaty and when you get on it is sounds refined. THE ONLY thing I dont care for is the drone noise around 2,400 rpm.. It can be a bit annoying but I need more time to drive it and then I will let you know.
I think a 4cylinder would need the magnaflow muffler. It could be gold to your ears or you could hate it.
Yeah it sounds like a Indy Car, European car, a little V8 when under certain RPM's... It has a lot of cool sounds... It's not ricey either which is what I like. The drone can be a tad bit annoying though.
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