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catch can

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Hello i just had a kn CAI intsalled on my 17 malibu ls and the person who helped me pointed out that the stock intake had a catch can, and that i would have to make one because the kn does not have one. I was wondering if anyone has done this and if you could share your set up.
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But, if sticking with it you definitely need to get that catch can back up. Try pinging this thread: Catch Can and other mods over the weekend
Sometime soon I will post pictures of my catch can solution. I am Frankensteining my own system that started life as a Mishi 2 can system for a Camaro.
On my Malibu I installed a two-can catch can system. I purchased the Mishimoto 2 can system for a Camaro with the LTG but had to customize it to make it work in the Malibu engine bay.

First, I purchased some different cans from Amazon. The cans that come with the Mishi system are not anything I would use, and there are three reasons I chose not to use their cans. 1) They are small volume. 2) the fittings screw directly into a cylindrical surface, so the fittings are angled away from each other which requires more space between the cans and could cause difficulties with hose positioning/location. 3) The Mishi cans do not have dipsticks. I don't want to have to unscrew the entire can to see how much oil is in them. I want a dipstick that I can check the quantity of oil.

Second, I had to design and fabricate a bracket to mount the cans. It took me 4 prototypes before I landed upon the final design that I was happy with.

Third, as the kit was designed for a Camaro, and the position of everything was designed for the Camaro engine bay. So I had to do a lot of customizing the hoses to get positioning and fitment correct.

And now, pictures:
First view of the bracket
Automotive tire Hood Automotive lighting Automotive design Motor vehicle

Second view of the bracket:
Vehicle Automotive tire Hood Car Motor vehicle

Overall view of hosing and their attachments to the engine:
Light Automotive air manifold Automotive design Automotive fuel system Auto part

The hose assy that ties back to the air intake tube:
Hood Automotive tire Motor vehicle Vehicle Automotive design

Where it attaches to the intake tube (view 1):
Automotive fuel system Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive design Rim

Where it attaches to the intake tube (view 2):
White Automotive tire Light Motor vehicle Automotive design

And the finished look with the decorative engine cover installed:
Hood Motor vehicle Car Automotive design Vehicle
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