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Check your Touring Tires?

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I've never been very happy that mine came with Firestone tires. After purchase I noticed which model, FR710. This vehicle supposedly went through a total redesign maybe a year earlier. Did they design it around a 10 year old tire was my thought.
Just past breakin, 500 miles, I traveled about 130 miles on I-95 and became quite unhappy with handling. Major point is play in steering, still unresolved, but feel a better tire would help overall with handling, ride, and noise. I've voiced that opinion to dealer as well. I've even checked on some new tires, but also had nagging feeling that I've finally figured out.
My window sticker, just below the wheels on vehicle, clearly states "touring tires". Firestone FR710 are NOT "Touring Tires".

I've checked the Firestone/Bridgestone website and other sellers of this tire and it shows up as "passenger tire, all-season". It is definitely not listed as a touring tire of any type.
I also learned that in the size needed there are few touring tires available.
One of the few available unless you wish to go to a much higher speed rating is the Michelin Primacy MXV4, grand touring all season.

Did GM think no one would notice that the tires they installed did not meet the window sticker?
I suspect GM owes many of us a new set of tires.
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What is the definition of a touring tire? You sure do like to complain a lot. You should go sue GM for false advertising. Stick it to the man!
I really don't see why you're bitching. Should I be bitching at Dunlop because I only got 17,000 miles out of a tire with a treadwear rating greater han my GoodYear RSA's which got 30,000 miles? According to the goodyear store not all tires are made equal, and the treadwear is not an industry standard, it's standard against said manufacturer's own product line..

My point is that Firestone may say their tire is a "All Season" and GM may say it's a touring tire. Maybe GM doesn't want to have to classify each and every tire that they put on a car and just to make people who are as anal retentive as yourself happy. For all we know GM has 3 classifications Touring (cheap, low-end/low-performance), Sport (mid price, mid range/mid performance) and High Performance (expensive, high-end/high-performance).

I'm sorry but at this point, you're just looking for every little thing you can bitch about on your car.
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Sorry that I've bruised your ego. Tires would not have even come up if I had not found them lacking compared to others I've owned. Manufacturers should not put cheap tires on cars. Many times I've said, "Brakes don't mean crap if the tires are not up to the job." That is only one aspect of tire quality but it at least implies that tires are the most important part of a vehicle, especially safety. Air bags and that are fine, but I certainly hope I never need them. Tires would be a big factor toward that.
As to your Dumlops, if the wear was the only complaint then you should be happy. Many really great tires do wear out early.

Perhaps you'd fit better in one of those forums where all have seduced themselves into believing everything about the car is perfect and the most important thing they can do is add as much bling as possible.
No hurt ego here. I just find you to be very irrational. You're expecting a mid-priced car to have top of the line tires from the factory. As someone else has already pointed out, that almost never happens from a car company. You also fail to realize that opinions are subjective and not based on fact. Just because you believe a tire is crap and unsafe doesn't mean that is true. I'm pretty sure GM, and all other companies, do real world tests to determine whether a tire is satisfactory (per government standards and other regulations). If said tires were truely unsafe, they would be pulled from the market. Do you expect All car companies to consult E Net Rider before making any choices? Because that surely is how you are acting.

As for your last comment, I do not think my car is perfect, however I'm not an anal prick who thinks my car should compete with a $40k+ high performance luxury car. I take my car for what it is a mid-range family sedan.

Oh, and I just checked out Tirerack. You say your window sticker states "Touring Tire." Is your car supposed to come with Standard Touring All-Seasons or Grand Touring All-Seasons? How are you to tell? The plot thickens...
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You might walk bare foot in the summer but to do it on ice and snow might be a reflection of IQ.
I did not pitch that it had touring tires as a sales point.

You say a lot of new cars have poor tires, but apparently within government standards. That is very poor thinking, to put such tires on a new car. It would be common sense to put tires on a new vehicle that make it shine.
And for that matter, this time of year maybe all dealers should emphasize an option to equip with snow and ice tires.
As to tire rack, at least you now get the idea that mine does not have Touring Tires of any type.
Poor tire may be a bad choice of words. More appropriate wording would be adequeate or avereage. Again it's all subjective. I'm pretty sure your tires handle just fine in dry weather, rain, and maybe even light snow. That's what a typical tire does. Some are better than others. You push your car to the limit and take corners too fast then you're going outside the boundaries of a tire on a family sedan. They are not claiming this to be a performance car, or even a sporty car, yet that's what you're wanting them to do. I am willing to bet for everyday normal situations your tire meet or excel what they're meant for. If you start pushing them, I will say that they probably will not perform like a sportier tire.
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