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Check your Touring Tires?

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I've never been very happy that mine came with Firestone tires. After purchase I noticed which model, FR710. This vehicle supposedly went through a total redesign maybe a year earlier. Did they design it around a 10 year old tire was my thought.
Just past breakin, 500 miles, I traveled about 130 miles on I-95 and became quite unhappy with handling. Major point is play in steering, still unresolved, but feel a better tire would help overall with handling, ride, and noise. I've voiced that opinion to dealer as well. I've even checked on some new tires, but also had nagging feeling that I've finally figured out.
My window sticker, just below the wheels on vehicle, clearly states "touring tires". Firestone FR710 are NOT "Touring Tires".

I've checked the Firestone/Bridgestone website and other sellers of this tire and it shows up as "passenger tire, all-season". It is definitely not listed as a touring tire of any type.
I also learned that in the size needed there are few touring tires available.
One of the few available unless you wish to go to a much higher speed rating is the Michelin Primacy MXV4, grand touring all season.

Did GM think no one would notice that the tires they installed did not meet the window sticker?
I suspect GM owes many of us a new set of tires.
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I bet GM got a good deal on them tires, my Hankook retail for $118 each, good tire.
What Hankook shows as OE on Malibu is Optimo H725A, P225/50R17S. It was either a special production or no longer available and maybe replaced by H727, but is not available in that size or even 15/55R17.
Michelin that were used as OE are over $200 each locally. So GM probably shorted me between $400 and $600.
Go here $6 cheaper, wait longer, they will be cheaper.
I looked closer at the specs and reviews of 725A. It is at least a touring tire. Reviews range a bit wide.
The mileage number is a bit low, but I'd rather have a fantastic tire that wears out a bit early.
And a plus for me in dealing with Tire Rack is they have a warehouse about 50 miles from me so I would not have to pay shipping.
I will have to check if any local dealers carry them and have maybe a "love them or leave them policy." That is a no risk way of finding if the tire is what you want.
I would not buy that tire myself, they just happen to come on the car. I will admit they sure grip to road in a turn, best I've had so far.
M&S tires are all that are needed in snow country with FWD. Been using M&S since 1985.
Can I chime in here?

My 08 LT1 (made 3/08) came with Hankook tires. 225/50/17". Now I have almost 22k miles. Tread is about 9/32". This is the first time I have used the Hankook brand. They are not bad. The traction is great on dry roads. I admit that I take bends rated at 35mph at 60. And the Malibu holds. Not even a squeal from the tires. Winter traction isnt too bad either. Here in NJ we just had (In some places) over 22" snow. Where I've driven from Trenton to Ft Dix, Snow was about 14" in places. Never once got stuck. Which really surprises me. Considerring how low the car sits. Bad thing is the noise on concrete bridges. Its a little loud.
Today if I needed tires, I would look into another set of Hankook. Guess time will tell how they hold up.
Thanks for the review, only have 7 K on mine. Going to rotate when the oil change light comes on.
I bought the cousin, G6 09 base model 2.4 and it came with Hankook touring tires P225/50R17. You have to watch Chevy, they are known for going cheap.
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