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So I have a 2016 Malibu Lt, that I’ve had roughly three months now. The forth day I had it this happened, basically mylink doesn’t display my phone (iPhone 12 pro) it will continue to play the music I had on in Apple Music, however it will not let me pass the logo screen. So I can’t even use my hand Chevy unit for maps or phone calls at that matter. I’ve turned the car off and set a few mins like another thread mentioned but it didn’t not fix the issue. It has done this probably 4 times sense I’ve had this car. Sometimes even the same day it will work fine with no issue, even though an hour prior it would not get off the splash screen. I’ve even drove with it on that screen for like 45 mins to see if it eventually loads up which it did not. I’ve pondered trying to update the systems software/firmware but can’t seem to find the direction to clearly and correctly do so. I find it hard to believe that Chevy will continue to let this issue be a thing let alone release cars with it still doing this. Which I’ve noticed a ton of people with the same issue.
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