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Chevy Malibu 2016 whirring sound from engine

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Whenever I accelerate, I get a whirring sound from my malibu's engine. Here is video to show what I mean, you can hear the sound: Malibu.mp4. I took it to 2 separate auto repair shops today - the first told me that the exhaust valve / gasket on the turbo was leaking, but they weren't equipped to take apart the turbo. The second told me that they couldn't tell what the issue was, and it would cost them $950 just to remove the turbo to poke around and see what the problem is.

Neither of these folks have had extensive experience with Malibu's, so I'm thinking of taking it to a dealer, but they are obviously far more expensive and are going to charge me $180 just to look at it.

Have any of you experienced this whirring issue, and what was the end result?

Any recalls here?

My engine is the Eco Tec, and it's a 2016 Malibu.
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Thank you for providing that video as could really help someone know what it is. I am not that person. I can however guess... I assume this is a noise only, no codes or performance issues? I think it sounds like a vibration type rattle which seems to occur on accel but not decel. In that case, I'd check for wastegate rattle. I've heard a similar noise on BMW turbos. Cute little bulletin on it: Worst case its about 20 minutes to check and repair if it is. 20 minutes isn't so bad even if it isn't the problem.

Both of the engines in 2016 are ecotec branding... the engine showing in your video is the 1.5T. No recalls related to this noise.
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