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Chrome has arrived!

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Found a Chrome grille on eBay for $89 shipped and also the chrome handle covers for $36 shipped so I bought them both and received them in less than 4 days! I had some chrome stripping laying around and put a little strip on the bottom grille. Nice little touch. Here are some pics.

Makes the car really stand out...Installation was a breeze. Comments appreciated :cool:
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Thanks....Handle covers are on as tight as the tape will stick. I'd never put my car thru one of those car washes. They leave those swirl marks on your car, and I do a better job myself, lol. Thanks for the tip though.

Thanks, KURLY.
nooooo i mean it came off during a touchless one!
Oh no way...I'll keep an eye on them then. Thanks a lot.
Link to grille:

The shipping was quick..Very impressed!

The real estate sign is in a neighbors yard and I want to say the asking price is just below $300,000. It's not foreclosed...They want to move a computer company they own out of state.

Thanks for all the comments!
1 - 4 of 22 Posts
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