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Chrome has arrived!

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Found a Chrome grille on eBay for $89 shipped and also the chrome handle covers for $36 shipped so I bought them both and received them in less than 4 days! I had some chrome stripping laying around and put a little strip on the bottom grille. Nice little touch. Here are some pics.

Makes the car really stand out...Installation was a breeze. Comments appreciated :cool:
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it says on ebay that it just snaps on, is it really that simple?

No ties or anything need to be applied? Also, can you see the old grille behind it easy or does it look really good? Your photos look fine to me, I am just curious if you get closer, u notice more things.
TAD the ones I bought just snapped in and you can't see the grill. There are some that tie wrap to your grill and some that replace your grill. Here is a photo of mine.

Thanks for the Photo!

When I first got the car, I sadly bought the ones that you tie on, and they did not work at all! Still just sitting in my room.

The ones that you have look great for snap on's! I am probably going to go after these, great find and thanks!
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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