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Hello, I have a 2005 Chevy Malibu 4 cylinder and recently the cluster gauge went out.
All the lights are working on it, the check engine light and one other light turns off after the vehicle has started, and all the other lights stayed on.
I've checked the passenger fuse box for the cluster/theft fuse and it is functional (along with every fuse in this car I'm pretty sure at this point)
I've disassembled the cluster itself to inspect the board, it's clean.
All the ground contacts next to the passenger fuse box appear to be clean (which is also where the BCM is at, right?)
I also noticed that the cigarette port isnt working either, and the fuse is fine. I am not sure if the cigarette port broke at the same time as the cluster.
Everything else with the car works good.

At first, the cluster would not emit any lights and would appear to be completely dead, however, I cleaned the ground connection on the battery terminal and the lights began to work on the cluster. Here is the image which was taken when the vehicle was running..

Where should I begin?. Thanks!
I bought a used cluster and swapped it, and it works. Thank you so much for the help!
Did the cluster swap fix the power/cig port not working?
Were you having any issues with the radio?
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