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Hello, I just purchased an 2016 Chevy Malibu. I’m in love with these cars, like omg they are so nice to me. But anyways, I’m posting because I have an issue with this car. When I first test drove the car it felt fine no problems I was told it needed a wheel alignment. Okay, so I came back a day later and purchased the car. The second time something wasn’t right to me, (mind you) I’ve had 2 Chevy Malibus prior, 2019 and 2021 I believe they were both LT’s. Saying that to say I am very familiar with how these cars drive.
The car I purchased felt weird when I accelerate on the gas pedal, it’s a stalling feeling to me. Car rides fine, no lights on the dash everything is smooth. But that one problem bothered me so much. I had 4 people drive it to see if they felt what felt, everyone said no. They didn’t feel what anything BUT I feel something weird, it’s like a stalling feeling but the car rides fine.

so I took the car to white Allen, the service person stated that he drove the car an he felt no issues. He stated he didn’t feel what I felt, he said he drove the car on the highway and all around town and didn’t feel anything.
They figured out that under the car the transmission is cracked and looked like someone tried to patch the crack up. He stated that, that could be the issue and that could be what I’m feeling.

I need honest opinions, I know transmission problems with cars are big issues and after a while could Cause internal issues. I really would like to keep this car, I’m in love. But I travel on the road a lot, also I’m an nurse and I need a reliable vehicle. Please help! Has this ever happen to anyone and what should my final steps be, the car has 71000 miles, overall its running good and it feels like good car. But you never know the problems that could occur over time

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This is a pretty strange situation. I've got a bunch of thoughts so I'll just start tossing them out.

Recap: You purchased a 2016 Malibu recently and it initially felt fine but quickly felt off. You feel an issue - a faint stalling or hesitation issue when accelerating. You had 4 others drive it, they felt no issue. You took it to a Chevy Dealer and the service tech felt no issues. On visual inspection, they find a "patched" crack in the case of the transmission. Seeing no codes or other possible causes, tech or service advisor says what you feel may be related to whatever happened to the transmission.

1) My first feeling is can you return this car to who sold it to you since they sold you without disclosing the crack that was patched up? They sold it and it is their responsibility to know what they are selling or disclose problems it may have. If that is a no go...

2) The issue you feel may very well be related to the transmission. If there was a crack from road debris or a crash there is a good chance fluid was lost in the transmission. You can slop patch the crack but it is difficult and complicated to get the fluid back to the right level. That is job 1. The trans may have internal damage causing the sensation you feel but you won't know until the fluid is check and verified. If you take it in and 15 minutes later a tech says "yeah fluid is good" they didn't check it right. I can guide this if you want to check yourself.

3) I see you have driven a 2019 and 2021 Malibu LT and use that as a reference for how these cars drive. The problem there, the transmissions are totally different between 2019, 2021, and 2016 LT. The 2016 1LT uses a classic 6-speed transmission. The 2016 2LT uses an 8-speed transmission. The 2019 and 2021 use a continuously variable transmission VT40. The behaviors of the transmissions are quite different. What trim or engine/transmission did you buy just for clarity?
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