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Dead Battery

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I have a 2009 2LT V6 6speed. build date of october 08, purchased new in october 09. the car currently has 24k miles on it.

the car had a dead battery 3 times in November, dealership replaced battery under warrenty in December. This past week, the wife drove the car home monday just after 8 AM from work pulled it into the garage and left it till this evening (friday 6pm) and it is completely dead, IE unable to pop trunk to get to the jumper cables. the car frequently sits for 3 to 5 days in a row, as she works weekend nights at a hospital. this is starting to get alittle old, does anyone have any tips or advise? this car is more of a PITA than the '92 ford aerostar with over 200k she got rid of.

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Odd, I don't read in Tommy's post anywhere where he said the drives are short distances. And the car has 24K miles in about 15 months of driving (purchased new in Oct 09 and now has 24K miles). Maybe their usage of the car has changed though.

Anyway, maybe Tommy could reply with how far the car is typically driven when used.

I'm betting there's a problem with the car. The only wild card in this is that Tommy noted the car was built in Oct 08 but sold in Oct 09, so it might've lived a neglected life at the dealer for 12 months sitting on the lot, with an occasional short distance test drive. And if the dealer put in a replacement battery, that might've been sitting on the shelf for a while. He could check the manufacture date on the battery to verify that.

I also have a Battery Tender (2 actually). I put one on my Miata if it hasn't been driven for a month or so. But I could probably go twice as long without an issue.
and it is completely dead, IE unable to pop trunk to get to the jumper cables.
Of course since you have the 2LT, the rear seats fold down. :)

But if you had your doors locked with a completely dead battery, you can get in through the drivers door with your key, but you have to then climb around the front seats to get to the rear seats, to then get into the trunk. Wonder how I know that :eek:

I do hope the next Malibu comes with a trunk keyhole.
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