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Dead Battery

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I have a 2009 2LT V6 6speed. build date of october 08, purchased new in october 09. the car currently has 24k miles on it.

the car had a dead battery 3 times in November, dealership replaced battery under warrenty in December. This past week, the wife drove the car home monday just after 8 AM from work pulled it into the garage and left it till this evening (friday 6pm) and it is completely dead, IE unable to pop trunk to get to the jumper cables. the car frequently sits for 3 to 5 days in a row, as she works weekend nights at a hospital. this is starting to get alittle old, does anyone have any tips or advise? this car is more of a PITA than the '92 ford aerostar with over 200k she got rid of.

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Hey SS,
Do you think a Red top or Yellow top battery would help as well? I'm not trying to spend their money, but if the battery is drained too low too often it'll shorten the life of an otherwise good battery. The color-tops use a different design and can take deep drains with fewer issues.

I've seen those battery tenders advertised on TV (Speed channel and a number of PowerBlock series). They are more advanced the old battery chargers with trickle charge in that they're supposed to know when the battery needs juice to charge and when it needs just a little bit to keep it topped off, without boiling it and drying it out.

Since you're still under warranty, are you willing to take it to the dealer and have them do the testing like SS suggests? That could reveal a parasitic drain that is beyond the design specs, leading to a cure instead of a bandaid. They might find a device is at fault and be able to fix it the right way. Throwing batteries at it is going to keep you in the same vicious loop.

Keep us posted with what happens, and ask more questions, too. This is a great forum. Oh, and officially, Welcome to CMF!
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I concur. And the nice thing is, it behaved badly at the dealership! So now they can see the "cavity" and will get it filled or pull the tooth.
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