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1999 Malibu LS 3.1 L Style M OBDII

-Dim headlights
-Random ABS, Brake, Theft Light, but always off at next start up
-Sun Roof doest always like to close
-Gas gauge works until your down to a half tank, then it starts to go back up instead of down until its empty, then it shows empty
-Sometimes when you turn on the a/c, the gas gauge jumps to full and stays there until you shut it off
-Check engine came on once, but was off at next start up
-occasionally had to tap gas at startup

And then...
-Driving home, turned right --car died, no warning lights, or funny noises, just died.
-Initially restarted, but it was rough and sounded like it had a timing issue.
-Towed it home and now it will crank but not start.

-tried ether, no fire--but you can hear the fuel pump
-spark plug test shows no spark
-checked all fuses inside and underhood
-all 3 coils and coil wire were checked
-changed crank position sensor, no change
-changed ignition control module, no change
-changed igntion switch, no change
-checked the only known fusible link by the alternator, its good
-checked for continuity and connection issues around cps, icm, and pcm
-did the relearn procedure for the computer

It is not passlock, the security light does not flash. Tried to reset it anyways, and the light never went off

The multimeter died after checking the igntion switch--coincidence??

SO whats left??? Why wont my car start????

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This sounds kinda like my '93 Saturn SW2. Randomly stopped in the middle of the street, started initially but was rough. Did your brakes randomly die?
The bad news? Unless you find a really good mechanic, your Malibu's doomed. That's the reason we got an '07 Malibu. That thing wouldn't run, no matter what we did, nobody knew what was wrong with it, even veteran Saturn technicians. She had a good, long run, though, 13 years, 243,000 miles, seemed like she just gave up.
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