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Do You Have a Pin Stripe?

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I have an '08 LTZ which was a 'Spring Special', the first of the 4cyl with 6 speed trans. It is golden pewter and has a double tape pin stripe running from front to rear of the car above the door handles.

Is this tape stripe stock with LTZs, the Spring Special options, or could it have been installed by the dealer? Anyone else have this stripe on your car? Does not show up on the sticker, I can't see it in any brochure pics, and I haven't seen it on any other Malibus I've seen. Just curious.
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Those are dealer installed. local GM dealer has some guy that comes around lays the tape down ;)

My ex '09 2LT never had anything, but after I traded it in for my G8, the dealer had their guy come & put a thin 2-line black stripe on the car to dress it up. It's a dealer thing, something people do on their own, etc. Such things are never, ever factory;)
It doesn't look too bad so I think I'll leave it on there. Didn't see any upcharge on the invoice for it so I wasn't sure where it came from. The car was new to another dealer who had gone out of business so maybe they did it.

I see you traded for a G8. I did the opposite, traded my '08 G8GT for the Malibu. Wife drives it most and she didn't like it in the winter. It had too many things about it that made it feel too much like a foreign car that I grew not to appreciate like the key fob, the window control placement, the lack of delayed door locking, the radio and instrumentation. It had no spare tire, the brakes squeaked and the windshield wipers didn't work very well. But it sure was a performance car and was a great car for that. Very comfortable on long trips and went like stink!

I never, ever thought I'd own a 4 cyl car and I hate 4 doors but the Malibu LTZ is a very nice vehicle. With the 6 speed trans the performance is quite surprising. Gets about 33 mpg on a trip, 30 overall, very comfortable and has a great looking interior. 15K on it with no problems. Best of all the wife likes it.
Well, it is nice having both in the driveway, I can say that. I'd never go back to a Malibu after having my G8--zero problems or annoyances vs. the Malibu I had and its drivetrain shudder--but things happen. I loved the look, the interior (coloring & materials especially in my Cocoa/Cashmere 2LT), and the smoothness and sound of the 3.6L, but otherwise it didn't fit me well and I jumped into it too quickly needing a replacement for my '08 G6 that GM was buying back for problems, and I was a fan of the '08 'Bu we had, so it was a natural choice. Oh well, great cars regardless.

And going from a G8 GT to a 4-cyl 'Bu is a big change, but at least you have a 6-spd model--that makes a huge difference. I can't bear to drive our '08 4-cyl/4-spd much after my G8, only due to power or lack thereof--otherwise, I still am impressed by the ride/handling, interior, and silence--unless I have to, but the 6-spd makes a big difference in overall pep, smoothness and economy. G8 or Malibu, nice cars, in VERY different ways, and one just didn't work for me but the other does beautifully;)

But aside from that...yep, the other dealer must have just been one to get stripes done and they were on there already when the car came. We had a dealer traded Suburban a few years back and when it arrived, it too had stripes that were done by the originating dealer. No biggie and it helped the look, so it wasn't a bad surprise.
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