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Do you still like your Malibu?

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I've been looking at the LTZ V6 Malibu, Accord V6, Camry SE V6 and Altima SE V6. Drove all and they are all very well built cars. The Malibu had the quitest ride, period. I don't know what Chevy did but Honda and the rest better follow! I've been lurking on here a while and everyone seems to like their Malibus. Complaints i had was the upgraded stereo. It did not sound good at all. I clunk my head on the front pillar when getting in and thats it. Its been many years since i've had a domestic car (88 Escort). That domestic car gave me many problems. I like the Malibu but do not want to get that feeling again that the other domestic car gave me. So i have some questions
1. Is there any mechanical problems that the Malibu's 3.6 have weather it be yours or what you've read elsewhere? I've searched and can not believe i get hardly no results. It seems that engine is in many GMs.
2. What are you V6 owners getting to a tank of gas?
3. How much is the OnStar service? I have a Garmin, so is it worth it?
4. What makes this car so quite? Wow.
5. What is the uplevel instrument cluster upgrade on the LTZ?
6. How are the grey colored suede/leather combo seats holding up?
Can't think of any more but i'm sure more will come. More than likely i'll get the LT2 V6 for the fact i don't like the wood trim. The aluminum looked nice and can't be had in the LTZ.
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Love it!

Yes there are a few issues (my main beef is with the shift points on the 6sp), but still think it is a lot of money for the car.

On-Star I found handy for getting to out of the way places, but if you have a Garmin box, it may not be worth it so no need to renew after the trial period.

At the moment getting 10.7L/100 (I am in Canada after all!) and that is 95% city driving.

Hope this helps.
PeterH, there is a transmission update for both 6 speed autos that supposedly fixes the weird shift issues. It semi-fixed our issue.
Thanks for the update, will go bug the dealer when I get the oil change done.
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