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Do you still like your Malibu?

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I've been looking at the LTZ V6 Malibu, Accord V6, Camry SE V6 and Altima SE V6. Drove all and they are all very well built cars. The Malibu had the quitest ride, period. I don't know what Chevy did but Honda and the rest better follow! I've been lurking on here a while and everyone seems to like their Malibus. Complaints i had was the upgraded stereo. It did not sound good at all. I clunk my head on the front pillar when getting in and thats it. Its been many years since i've had a domestic car (88 Escort). That domestic car gave me many problems. I like the Malibu but do not want to get that feeling again that the other domestic car gave me. So i have some questions
1. Is there any mechanical problems that the Malibu's 3.6 have weather it be yours or what you've read elsewhere? I've searched and can not believe i get hardly no results. It seems that engine is in many GMs.
2. What are you V6 owners getting to a tank of gas?
3. How much is the OnStar service? I have a Garmin, so is it worth it?
4. What makes this car so quite? Wow.
5. What is the uplevel instrument cluster upgrade on the LTZ?
6. How are the grey colored suede/leather combo seats holding up?
Can't think of any more but i'm sure more will come. More than likely i'll get the LT2 V6 for the fact i don't like the wood trim. The aluminum looked nice and can't be had in the LTZ.
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I can't say for certain, but I'm am extremely confident in the 3.6. GM knows their engines and they will last a very long time.

What makes the malibu quiet is the acoustic glass in the front windows, the sound deadening material on the door panels and firewall.

The LTZ upscale cluster just has a sunburst ring around the needles.

Onstar is $199-$299 (guestimating here) based on what service you get.

The V6 gets 17-26mpg IIRC and I believe I've seen some people get 29mpg highway.

The Aluminum trim can only be had on the brown LTZ interior.
For the Love of God!, if you haven't bought a Mali/GM/American car then PLZ don't. You will regret it, trust me... i learned that the hard way. (unless the Said GM car was made before 2000)
You just lost all credibility. Saying that GM's from the 80's & 90's are better than what is offered today is just ignorant. I won't say anything in the last 10 years is without problems, but take a look at Buick, the Malibu, Cadillac, Corvette, etc. and you'll definitely see a huge improvement in innovation and quality.

Since you went there, don't buy a Toyota Tundra anytime soon. Chasis rusting through in a matter of years, engines failing, among other things wrong with their entire lineup. Let's not forget Honda, who's been having more issues lately. Do we even want to mention Mitsubishi or Mercedes?

It's really sad that there are ignorant people like yourself out there. You're part of the reason GM isn't doing so well. You have this one sided mindset that Domestic = BAD and Foreign = GOOD. There are good products on both sides, you just have to do your homework first.
To be fair GM, Ford and Chrysler did their part to cement that mindset for the majority of people. They are right to question it and fear American cars, as those same manufacturers haven't done enough, yet, to dig out of that hole, or at least make it known and be trustworthy. However, I do feel things have changed, and when making such an expensive purchase you should do your homework and inform yourself. If this is done, you will find that things have changed, and in some cases for quite a while now, and helio2 likely wouln't have such an opinion.
Oh trust me, I'm well aware. I owned a '99 Grand Am for 8 years, and my wife had an Alero for 3. I'm well aware of how crappy their cars can be. That's why I bought the Mazda 3, which didn't give me a single problem for the 3yrs/20k miles I had her for.

I'm all about giving a company a 2nd or 3rd shot, but I will be more cautious.
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