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Do you still like your Malibu?

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I've been looking at the LTZ V6 Malibu, Accord V6, Camry SE V6 and Altima SE V6. Drove all and they are all very well built cars. The Malibu had the quitest ride, period. I don't know what Chevy did but Honda and the rest better follow! I've been lurking on here a while and everyone seems to like their Malibus. Complaints i had was the upgraded stereo. It did not sound good at all. I clunk my head on the front pillar when getting in and thats it. Its been many years since i've had a domestic car (88 Escort). That domestic car gave me many problems. I like the Malibu but do not want to get that feeling again that the other domestic car gave me. So i have some questions
1. Is there any mechanical problems that the Malibu's 3.6 have weather it be yours or what you've read elsewhere? I've searched and can not believe i get hardly no results. It seems that engine is in many GMs.
2. What are you V6 owners getting to a tank of gas?
3. How much is the OnStar service? I have a Garmin, so is it worth it?
4. What makes this car so quite? Wow.
5. What is the uplevel instrument cluster upgrade on the LTZ?
6. How are the grey colored suede/leather combo seats holding up?
Can't think of any more but i'm sure more will come. More than likely i'll get the LT2 V6 for the fact i don't like the wood trim. The aluminum looked nice and can't be had in the LTZ.
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I still love my Malibu. I have the 08 LTZ 3.6 v6 . Had it for a year now and I put all highway miles on it. I get the great MPG at usally 33.2mpg going around 65 to 70mph with the cruse control on. I still cant hear any outside noise unless the usally big trucks. My car was a great buy for me with the power and sporty look in and out trust me i still like and love my malibu.
X2, love my 08 LTZ :D
X3, the wife's '08 'Bu is everything she wanted in a car and serves extremely well. She loves the Red Jewel Tintcoat.
I've been looking at the LTZ V6 Malibu, Accord V6, Camry SE V6 and Altima SE V6. Drove all and they are all very well built cars. The Malibu had the quitest ride, period. I don't know what Chevy did but Honda and the rest better follow! I've been lurking on here a while and everyone seems to like their Malibus.
LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! I have the four cylinder, 6 speed automatic transmission, and it really goes! Nice and quiet, good acceleration, awesome setup, and you can get all the features of the best luxury car for a fraction of the price (got just about everything but Blue Tooth :( My aunt has a Cadi and said if there had been a new Malibu then, she would've seriously considered it. I didn't like the wood trim either, but if you haven't seen it, ask to check out a Cocoa-Cashmere interior, it actually looks good with the dark brown and cream color combo (and I ordinarily HATE fake wood). Believe it or not, but the Malibu gets some looks too! Can't say enough good about it (but then again, I bought it last week, so I'm still honeymooning!)
I haven't even made the first payment on my Malibu yet and so far I'm loving it.

I've driven Hondas in the past and always thought the ride was rough and noisy. I drove
an '09 Camry and couldn't stand the cramped feeling and no head room. I also didnt like bumping my head on the driver's side handle above the window every time I turned my head to look for traffic at intersections.

I have to say, everything I read about the Malibu for the year preceeding my purchase was pretty much on target. Its a comfortable ride, its quiet, and it is fun to drive. I knew I was doing something right when I overheard a couple teenage boys admiring my car, saying that is the car they'd like to have. It's considered a family sedan but it has a sporty look that does draw some attention. It's been great to drive, whether I'm out for a casual joy ride on some back roads, or whether I'm pushing it to 90 mph on the highway (which it did with ease).

By the way, my 2LT with ebony interior does have the wood strip trimming the dashboard. So far everybody that's seen it has said they like the wood trim. There isn't a lot of wood trim but it is just enough to break up the all black dash and add a little personality.
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Do I still like my Malibu?


Do I still want an '08/'09?

I want to lick/molest my Malibu right now but it's been raining.
TMoney, thanks for that comment. Now I'm looking at my Malibu a whole different way!

When IS this rain going away?
Ugh. Glad the rain has moved on from here now. We've been dry for a few days now, with several more dry days in the pipeline, if all the forecasts can be trusted.

But back to the car. Now that I've started driving without cruise more often, over the speed limit a bit, more on twisty roads, etc., I love it even more. It's probably the most enjoyable vehicle I've ever owned to drive- lots of power, great handling, terrific ride. I'm enjoring it so much that while I'm driving I completely forget about issues with the shallow trunk with narrow opening and minor issues (soon to be handled by the dealership under warranty), or those 'problems' suddenly don't seem to amount to a hill of beans compared to what the car gives back when behind the wheel.

The styling isn't getting stale either- SHARP vehicle in parking lots, whether a base model or an LTZ!
Do you still like your Malibu?

Yes, a lot!
For the Love of God!, if you haven't bought a Mali/GM/American car then PLZ don't. You will regret it, trust me... i learned that the hard way. (unless the Said GM car was made before 2000)
Sorry but I cannot under any circumstance agree with you. I had a 2002 Olds the served me well for over 100K miles and a '03 Suburban which I still have and does great. My '10 Malibu is a wonderful car and I plan to run it up to well over 100K miles. By then I'll grow tired of it and get something else. Ok, the Saturn sucks, but 3 out of 4 ain't bad.

You can love your Toyotas, but remember, they never wanted to admit they had accelerator problems, along with all the other quality issues they are having but want to cover up. Same with Hondas and Nissans. They are having a few quality issues too, but you won't want to mention those will you.
No, traded my 04 Malibu Z body with 40K miles, started to fall apart.
For the radio, I had to play with it for almost an hour to get it to sound at least better than being in a tin can. It sounds pretty decent now that I have adjusted everything.

I do agree with you that the car is DEAD quiet. We got up to 90 the other day and it felt like nothing at all because its so quiet. I love it!

PeterH, there is a transmission update for both 6 speed autos that supposedly fixes the weird shift issues. It semi-fixed our issue.
I think the stereo in our 09 sounds great! Maybe you guys are used to higher quality sound than I am.
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