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Does 2006 Malibu Maxx LT 3.5L have a coolant crossover???

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Only asking because nobody that I can find (even went to dealer) lists replacement gaskets for this year and engine size.
I can't imagine is doesn't have one and I can't find anything specific about it that is recent.

I have read that there was an unused port in one head that causes one of the gaskets to fail and that it can be plugged, but I can't find any gasket listed anywhere. Vin is 1g1zt61867f199018 and I can't confirm the info I found included 2006 3.5L (can't post link yet)

From a service bulletin (cant post link yet) I saw (but not a recall) it seems as though they may have redesigned the coolant crossover and discontinued (?) the old gasket, but don't specify exactly what to do. It also does not list the engine type on my VIN on this bulliten. The dealer saw (after taking off the VIN filter) that a gasket set was listed but not for that engine/year specifically and there was a note about drilling a hold into the corossover (I am guessing to plug the port with a not recessed plug.)

The article I got the most info from noted a plug that can be turned in so that it is recessed (non GM part)

Any help useful..otherwise just going to start unbolting things next weekend and see what I find.
(fyi, I have one of those mystery coolant leaks and before replacing intake manifold gasket I'm going with the cheaper option first..probably has to be done anyway)
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Dam, best of luck i have an 06 3.5l.

Geese , blocking a coolant crossover sounds like a dam heavy flaw in design....if they are noticing it after the fact. So i am taking it there must be another way for the coolant to circulate. ...cant just deadend in a cylinder head.

Keep us posted...or hopefully others chime in for ya
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