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Does anyone else hate the torque managent on these cars or what?!

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I know they use it to extend the life of the powertrain, and I'm sure with these 5/100 warranties its gotten even worse. But I hate it. My old G6 GTP was just as bad. I'd like to hear from the I4 guys and find out if it is as bad as the V6's too. Since they make less power it might not be as bad.

Incase you don't know what torque management is I'll give you a quick breakdown. It's not an issue on manual cars, which might be why it bothers me so much, since I am used to them. But on an auto lets say you turn off the TC and ESC and you punch it from a stop and get alot of wheelspin, or if you are making a turn and the wheels break loose. The car will turn back power before it shifts. It is pretty obvious when it kicks in. If the car has traction, even under full throttle it usually isn't an issue thankfully. But sometimes I think it kicks in to much and too soon.

This is one reason I wish my HP Tuners would do more on a 3.6, and I hope Diablo Sport comes out with their handheld tuner. Then maybe we can tune some of this torque management out.

I know in day to day driving it isn't an issue, and it is there to help protect the drivetrain. BUT I just wish is wasn't so intrusive. My old Grand Prix GTP had very, very little of it and would chirp the 1-2 shift sometimes.

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Have you looked into EFI Live? All engine combinations of the Malibu, Aura and G6 are supported.

I currently have an EFILive tune on my 2001 Suburban with torque management and abuse mode turned off. Plus a few other changes. In the right hands, this tuner can do make some pretty nice changed. Its amazing that an average person can achieve better PCM programming than GM.
...especially since the Malibu isn't going to be raced or anything. I'll wait for a handheld or a HP Tuners update....
Dont need to race your car to benefit from some reprogramming. I don't race my Suburban. A popular misconception is that tunes are for performance only. There are many more benefits. Its kinda unfortunate you already bought and paid for the HP Tuners. None of the hand held tuners can stand up to a full tune/reprogram. Theres a lot of interesting reading on the GM full size truck forums comparing the HP Tuners, Diablo Sport and EFILive.

As for GM's tuning, of course you can tweak it more, but you have to remember they need to meet EPA and CAFE standards, plus they want the best reliability.
They could still improve the programming if they took the time. After a tune, my Suburban has more HP, torque, better throttle response, better fuel economy and cleaner emissions after changing the factory settings. Also removing torque management and abuse mode improves transmission life.

I need to contact the guy who reprogramed mt Suburban and see if he's able do our cars. It would be interesting to see how much they can be improved with just a MPG tune.
Exactly. Many of the GM/Ford guys have tranny issues when they remove the TM and race alot. You gotta pay to play.
But if you do and drive like a sane adult, there are no negative effects. I'm talking about doing it then driving to work every day, taking the family on vaction, ect... Heck, I supposedly dont have a speed limiter either. Never tested it. Never care to try. Even with the big brake kit I have, I can't see taking it into the triple digits.

I have over 25,000 miles on my Suburban with 100% torque management and abuse mode turned off. It just hit 100,000 a couple weeks ago. I have 35" tires, 4.56 gears and tow a flat bed car hauler. I have zero issues with my transmission. And the 4L60E is know for its issues.

My brother and I have been talking about purchasing EFILive and splitting the cost. I'll post the results when that time comes. The main thing I want to do it increase MPG. Its not too bad now, but it can always be better. Just have to do some tweaking of the fuel tables.
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