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2007 2.2 LS
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Hey, first post. Didn't even realize there was a forum for these cars until someone told me. I have been a mechanic for 15 years so I figured I would share my troubleshooting and problem solving to save you some money. My car is a base model 2007 2.2 (is it pewter? gross) and I like having electronic door locks. I don't know your individual levels of experience so I'm going to break things down barney style. You need a flat blade screw driver and a can of crc contact cleaner for this.

First, check the 15amp fuse on the right side of the console where the passenger foot area is. Replace the fuse and check the locks.

Second, remove the door lock door panel trim by prying outward on it.

Third, carefully lift the tabs and disconnect the pigtail for the lock switch using a flat blade screw driver.

Fourth, carefully disassemble the switch into four pieces by lifting the tabs using the small flat blade screw driver.

Fifth, take the piece that looks like a micro chip and spray it liberally with the contact cleaner on all sides. Spray also inside the pig tail connector on the door. Do this twice and let dry each time.

Sixth, once dried (~5mins) reassemble everything and test. This step can be quite frustrating because you'll need to click the switch up and down about 50 times or until it works. Then just pop it back in the trim and push it back into the door panel.

That's it, this is what worked for both door switches in my car. If it didn't work for you you're out about 10 minutes and the cost of the spray. That spray is good for lots of stuff including your maf.

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