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Not thrilled with this code lol. 15 2.5 2lt with 137K. Did a full health report, one module (multi axis acceleration speed module, MAASM) had a code for lost communication with the EBCM. I was able to go into both modules on my scanner, and I saw no problems so I cleared the code, and did another full health report to be sure. This time, the car went nuts during the scan, flashing warning messages to brake assist, power steering, tranction control, my brake and abs lights came on, my needles on the IC went nuts, and all kinds of beeps were coming from the speakers. This lasted maybe 5 seconds. The cel came on, and there were 8 communication codes in various modules (included below). The ebcm is now completely offline and now says not equipped on the vehicle. After saving the health report, I cleared the codes again and there's no more communication codes, but the ebcm is still offline and acting like its not there. It's still functional as I have no issues with any of the braking or traction systems, but does anyone have any clues as to what's up with my high-speed can?


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