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2011 chevy malibu LS
So, the last two time I checked how much oil left after changing the engine oil I noticed that the oil was about two QT low. First time less than two QT low, I have driven about 6k Mostly delivery food and school. Not too crazy driving. I used fully syn oil. That oil suppose to go up to 15k or what the oil advertise said. Second-time also the same thing. I have driven about 6k but I used Mobil one annual or 20k. But this time missing oil was more than 2 QT. I never seen any oil leaking under the car and also full engine and round it looks like dry wet. But the transmission is little dry wet. The car is running totally fine nothing wrong.
Any ideas thanks!

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As engines get more miles on them they will use oil. Oil going 15k means the oil itself will not ''wear out'' or lose it's lubricating properties. You still have to check your oil level regularly as all engines will burn some oil. My car seems to burn more oil in the winter months. 2 qts. in 6k miles is not that bad.
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