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2013 LT 188k miles 2.5L

I have been chasing the P0455 and P0442 codes. I have Replaced the Purge Solenoid (back of engine) Because it was cheap. The codes reset eventually. I was able to smoke the system this weekend and found a leak in the canister by the gas tank. There was a visible piece of the bottom part broken off from a rock or something. It was a pretty sizeable; probably the size of a pencil eraser. I was able to patch it with epoxy, then re-smoked it. Now there is a visible leak coming from the top of the canister.

Is there any way to access the top of the cannister without removing the gas tank? I have shop key pro info on removing the tank and the cannister and it appears it may be attached to the tank with Just a clip? I really do not want to drop the tank if I can get away with it and I know if I take it in to a shop They won’t repair the cannister but want me to pay the big bucks for a new one. I realize that there may be other issues and not the canister, but if possible I would like to get it down to smoke it again for the leak.
Any suggestions would be awesome.
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