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I have a 2008 malibu ltz , after letting it sit for a while id say 4 months. I drove it and experienced engine bogging while trying to accelerate slowly out of low rpms and just complete lack of power. scanned the engine light , came back with a evap purge solenoid I removed and cleaned it. it then changed to a p0107 for the map and it has been there since.

I’ve used a multimeter on all my sensors and they are getting the correct electric current

I also have replaced the pcv valves and hose , map and maf sensor and fixed a leak near the electric throttle body. I’ve ran higher octane and injector cleaner just in case and the problem is still here

all in all i’ve ran a couple diagnostics and the abosolute pressure of my intake manifold is reading ZERO at all times even after all of the fixes

Does ANYONE have any idea what to do, im 18 and do all my work so i’m not the most knowledgeable.
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