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So its not looking good for my 3.6. I recently changed out oil that had only a couple hundred miles on it (because I changed intake and valve cover gaskets) and see that it has a pearlescent appearance due to it being full of fine metal dust, then I empty the catch pan and find a few larger metal shavings in the bottom, yet car is running and driving good and showing no indication of anything being wrong. Car has about 180,000 miles on it and has always been well taken care of with regular full synthetic oil changes. Any ideas of about how many miles I might be able to get out of this engine, or how I may be able to save it without tearing it apart? Any input would be appreciated.
I am including pics of the oil that was at the bottom of the catch pan, I didnt think to take any pictures of it full, but all the oil had that fine metal dust in it.
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