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First Malibu in 30 years. Yep, I still like em.

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Last Malibu we had was a '72 350 back in 1990. That one was probably cooler, but not better. This 2020 is classier and surely rides better. Actually it's a whole different world.....but isn't everything? lol Anyway, here she is in all her glory.
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Nice ride. I'm from SC. Came from a 17 Cruze but like the Malibu better. Kinda wish they put the 2.0 in the RS.
Yeah not sure why the RS or redline only went for an astetic upgrade. Now how about an SS with the 3.6 twin turbo :D
Yes but that 3.6L twin turbo will cost you about 100K at least. If I'm going to fork out that cash Chevy can't compare to the GTR.
Very true! Malibu serves its purpose a little luxury a little pep and enough space for the family and dogs. GTR is a dream car for me for sure.

GM has sold several turbocharged 3.6L vehicles (ranging from 410 to 464 horsepower) and none of them were anywhere near $100,000. The Nissan GTR is a pretty old sports car at this point, both the Corvette and Camaro offer less expensive models that eat its lunch. Nissan doesn't really excel at anything these days, seems like they ran out of money.
I knew very little until recently regarding the S S 1LE Camaro and for the 35,000 or so you can pick one up for its.a very cool car. I think the $100,000 was a little of an intentional exaggeration but I d say they would be starting in the 45-50 range not that we will ever get one. :censored: I will agree Nissan has gotten off there game but if say Toyota is the most disappointing with the new " Stupra" and its BMW power plant. RIP 2jz
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