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fog / driving lights

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Since I don't have the LTZ model, i don't have those small driving lamps. I'd like to install a pair most likely in the space next to my front plate. Any suggestions to who makes a high quality driving lamp? I've look at the ones sold in Pep Boys & Autozone but are these good lamps? Anyone with some solid suggestion & experience ?
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they make a projector fog lamp let me find you a link
few examples

If you are not scare to make things work

I could give you 100 links on ebay lol here is the search though

You will have to find something that "fits" the size you want. also it depends on how bright you want (though most are 55w but you can put a 100w bulb in there)

are you wiring these to a seperate switch to to the factory harness
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Would you happen to know how I can adjust the factory installed fog lights on my 2009 LTZ? Thanks.
If I saw them then I would be able to. are they pointing to high or something?
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