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Front brake caliper pins question

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Which pin is supposed to have the small rubber grommet near the end? I think it's the lower one, but want to make sure. Thanks
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Year, model, engine, transmission please.
Oops. My bad. 2009 Malibu LT 2.4. I think the tranny is a 4T60-E but am not certain.
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Old memory says rubber damper pin on the bottom on my old 'bu's. Just did the front brakes on my '16 Equinox and the rubber pin was on the bottom.
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I checked calipers for my car at two local parts stores. Both of them had the pin with the boot on the leading side, which on my Malibu is the top pin since the caliper is forward of, rather than behind, the center of the front wheels. This is consistent with other research I've done which indicated that the pin with the boot is usually the leading pin.
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