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Hello everyone,

I just replace the front door speakers of my 2010 Bu LT as both of the old stock speakers were kaput. The sounds of new the speakers (Kicker) looks okay better than the stock speaker. I post this thread to determine if I it did right w/ regards to the polarity. I get confuse after using the old bracket with labels A & B. I search online but I cannot find any post regarding this. I saw one video on you tube replacing a front speaker on a 2011 Bu. I followed what he did by connecting the speaker positive terminal to B and negative to A. I plug in the connector and test it w/c I said earlier the sounds look okay. Base on this site "Stereo Wiring Diagram" the 2010 Bu had this wire color/polarity.

2010 Chevrolet Malibu Stereo Wiring Information

Left Front Speaker Positive Wire (+): Gray
Left Front Speaker Negative Wire (-): Tan
Right Front Speaker Positive Wire (+): Dark Green
Right Front Speaker Negative Wire (-): Light Green

On actual speaker wire connector the gray pin goes to A and Tan to B to which they are crossover. Of all the Chevy model that I check from Stereo Wiring Diagram only the Chevy Malibu from 2007-2012 (not sure about the next gen Malibu as they are not listed in there) had this color polarity. Other model is the reverse of the above wire color.
I will try to check the polarity by using the tools that I order on Amazon. I also read about using a 9V battery. Any suggestion to properly verify the polarity, any response will be highly appreciated.

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Per my diagram LF is Tan - LR is Brown - RF is Light Green - RR is Dark Blue
These are the colors of the positive wires and how I wired the replacement speakers in my car.
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