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I have a 2008 Malibu.

Recently I had a little fender bender. Nothing serious. But the trim around the lower grill is all cracked and bent. (see the attached picture) The license plate holder and grill behind it a little banged up too, but the trim itself is really what looks bad. The rest is just some scuffs that I think I might be able to clean up a little.

Now, before I go to the deal to order a new part and pay for the labor, I want to try to see if it's possible to do it myself. So I started investigating today.

I found <a href="">this</a> today on ebay....

It gets attached with adhesive to the black grill/mesh right behind it. Looks easy enough and cheap at that.

There's a couple problems I run into now.

1) If I decide to purchase that, I need to figure out how to remove that trim from the front. I tried prying around with a screw driver, but couldn't quite figure it out. Even though it's already broken, I don't want to just "rip" it out and risk breaking something else. Also, I'm a little concerned that the black mesh might be attached to the trim. Does anyone know if it is? If I take the trim out and the black mesh comes out with it, I end up having nothing to mount the new adhesive trim onto.

2) In order to really try to get this done, I need to temporarily remove the front license plate holder. I tried today but realized there's three screws/rivets that I don't have the tools to remove. Does anyone know how to remove them?

Any tips?

And do you think trying to do it myself would be worth the headache compared to how much it all might cost to get done by the dealer?


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