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hi! i was letting my younger sister drive down the road and she hit a dog. the nothing is smashed in but some parts are loose. i’m wondering if this is easily fixable or will i need to take it in somewhere? i currently do not have insurance on the car.
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A lot of it could just need to be snapped back together. Some of the parts may have actually been damaged.

Usually, it's not a good idea to drive a car without insurance. Letting another person drive it just puts you in that much more of a predicament if something happens.

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I'm pretty sure it's illegal to drive without insurance, and certainly not fair to people you share the road with.

I see a lot of damage to the front fascia, main grille, and trim pieces. You can look up the parts at, as far as the repairs, it depends entirely on your level of mechanical skill. It will be difficult and time consuming, but it doesn't require a lift or any specialty tools.
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