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There's a few tuners out there that have products for the 9th Gen Malibu that I'm looking at. Everyone knows Trifecta, who sponsors the forum and while having decent performance gains and good support for other bolt-ons. IPF is also very good with their other aftermarket mod support and transparency on what power each level of tune makes at both the wheels and the crank. Vermont is supposedly another one, but I can't seem to find out whether their tune is for 8th Gen 'Bus or early 9th Gens. BadNewsRacing is another company, however their only claim on power is in text with no dyno (but with one of the highest improvements out of anyone else), and only says specific power increases. I'm getting a CAI first before I make my decision, and I'll drop their websites below for whoever is interested, but rn I'm split between IPF and Trifecta to be frankly honest.

Do you know if there’s anything for the 2018 1.5L yet? Also Ik they have a locked ecm does that include ecu? I’m trying to get some plug n play stuff but idk if it’ll work . Thanks
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