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Hey guys I thought I’d share my story to help others with a potential same problem.

I took my 2018 Chevy Malibu in because as I was driving on the highway I got an alert saying “Reduced Engine Warning” and it said to service the Stabilitrack. My speed went from 60-20mph in the matter of seconds which was very dangerous!! When I took it in to get it serviced I received a call back saying that I had a cracked piston in my engine and it was going to be over 6k to repair. They suggested I get a new vehicle and trade it BUT they were only going to compensate me for only $500 maybe $1000. Are you kidding me? This is a 2018 with about 60,000 miles and I paid it off and I’m only getting compensated for that amount?

I went on to get a 2nd opinion from a close friend that knows about car engines. He came to a conclusion that all it was Mass Air Flow Sensor. That was only a $50 repair. All he did was clean it and unplug everything and reset the codes and now my car works just fine. ALSO, when they were taking a look into my car they didn’t even put the throttle body back together and I definitely could have had another major issue.

I went from potentially paying 6k to only $50. If you are going to half a** looking into my vehicle you don’t ever deserve my service.

here’s how my car was acting:
my car wouldn’t go passed 30-40 mph, it stalled very bad when it came to a complete stop. When I would take off it took about a good 5 secs to move.
After driving it to the dealership and back to my house my car finally gave out on me and heard a pop noise so I pulled over. After that my was only going about 10 mph and eventually my engine would shut off after pushing on the gas.

how it was fixed:
my friend tried changing out the spark plugs because 3 of the 4 were burnt out BAD. So we bought new ones and it did the same thing. After that he thought to replace the coil packs. That didn’t work either and damaged the spark plugs once again. He also bought a camera to look down the engine to see if there was a cracked cylinder since the dealership was claiming I had one. While searching he didn’t seem to find anything cracked or abnormal.
he had his friend who use to be a mechanic come take a look and they tried the compression test on my engine (if it gives you a reading your engine is still functional) it was over 150 reading. So the next thought was to take a look into the Mass Air Flow Sensor. When they cleaned it and unplugged it they reset the codes to my vehicle, plugged everything back together and my car was running just fine all over again!!
I hope this helps you guys out and make sure you get a second opinion on your vehicle before listening to a car dealership. The mechanic worked at a dealership before and he says that happens more often than people think (they are out to get your money).
I will be trading in this vehicle ASAP before I run into more problems. I will never buy a Chevy again just because the way they couldn’t take care of their customer and stand behind their brand.

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Hello and welcome @Randa_24.

I have moved your post from that older Stabiltrak thread in the gen8 section to your own thread in the gen9 section. I picked a new title to summarize what I find to be most important in your post: a second opinion when faced with an initial catastrophic initial diagnosis.

Glad it worked out and I hope the car continues on ok or until you trade it in.
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