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Got a Pretty Good Onstar Discount Today

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My 2010 Malibu just turned one year old, so my one year of free Onstar ended. I called Onstar and they wanted $300 + tax for the Directions and Connections plan. They were just about to bill my credit card and I told the representative "I heard that Onstar Offers discounts". I found that out from this forum. Sure enough, she checked into it and I got 1 year of Directions and Connections for $240 + Tax. Just a simple question and I ended up saving about $70 with tax.

It bothered me a little bit that I had to ask for the discount. Why didn't they offer it to me in the first place?

In my opinion, if you have Navigation, it's worth it to spend the extra money for Directions and Connections. That's the feature I use most with Onstar. All the other features are great, but you really don't use them much unless there's an emergency situation. I even use the Directions and Connections to get phone numbers and addresses. It's a lot cheaper than calling 411. And you can even get phone #'s and addresses from your home phone.

So if you're renewing, ask for the discount. You will probably get it.
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I pay for the safe and sound package. I cannot justify the price for the directions package. The price you pay for one year is the price of a decent GPS or nice Dash-Nav. I have a GPS and a smartphone with a GPS. So there is no need for the directions package nowadays for most people. I keep OnStar around for a piece of mind. I live in city where crime is very high. Our city is rated in the top 5 every year for crime and murders it seems like.

You can’t beat a hand held cell that you can take everywhere you go but if you already have the Safe & Sound Package you can get Unlimited Minutes from Onstar for only $ 10.00 more a month! Many cell phone plans can't beat that without a heafty monthly bill!
I did not know this.. I need to look into this. I keep minutes around for emergencies, traffic report, cellphone's dead or low battery, or if the cellphone is having problems with signal.
Bill's reason for having the safe and sound plan is the same as mine. I have onstar for that reason alone. I do not use any of the other features but once in a while such as my cell phone not working or needing to know why traffic is backed up via Traffic reports from DOT.
That reminded me of a question I had.............

Are the weather and traffic reports a part of the "basic" safe-and-sound package OR only with the extra traffic routing package ?

I don't remember my Onstar book mentioning either of those services at all.
The reports are offered with any of the packages OnStar offers, but to use them you have to have OnStar handsfree minutes. On their website you can adjust how big of radius you want of traffic reports, which order to the reports in, and if you want to include stocks too.
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