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Gotta love used cars...

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Well since I'm the "mechanic" in my family, that means I get to wrench on the Malibu my parents just bought my 17 year old sister. It's her first car and even though it may have came a year late, it was for good reason. My parents are very protective and my sister isn't the greatest driver. Anyway, it's a 2001 with 145,000 miles and a little rough around the edges, but overall a nice, good running car.

First order of business was the temperature/thermostat situation. The temperature needle was pegged at 100*, the heater never warmed up, the idle was at 1500rpm, a fan was always on, and it was throwing a code for low temp. So I check out what's going on under the hood and see a big glob of silicone on the lower intake manifold where the thermostat housing bolts up. Great!

Pull the glob off and it's missing a big chunk of aluminum.

Guess this explains the low temperature. :eek:

The top bolt actually grabbed enough for me to tighten the housing down. I still used a little RTV just to cautious. I then globbed some JB Weld over top the exposed bolt threads. I figure it will hold for a while or until it comes time for a LIM gasket job.
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Right! Some people just don't care!

Good idea. "Change the oil" added to the ever-growing list of things to do to this car, lol.

Change oil to an inexpensive house brand.

Seafoam it.

Change again within 200 miles (and filter!)

Use a quality dino brand (Castrol, Pennzoil, whatever floats your boat.)

Run it 1000 miles.

Seafoam it, run 100 to 200 miles, change it again.

This time to a full synthetic, or at least a synth blend (again, a good quality one.)

Then start changing every 3000 miles for at least 15,000 miles, even if the oil and filter says it's good for 5K to 10K miles.

That ought to clean most of the crap out of the inside of the motor.

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On the pads - when you removed/reinstalled the calipers, you DID lubricate the slide pins, right?

My understanding is that if the caliper / pin interface is too stiff, but not locking up, you can get the "only one side does the braking" effect.

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