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Gotta love used cars...

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Well since I'm the "mechanic" in my family, that means I get to wrench on the Malibu my parents just bought my 17 year old sister. It's her first car and even though it may have came a year late, it was for good reason. My parents are very protective and my sister isn't the greatest driver. Anyway, it's a 2001 with 145,000 miles and a little rough around the edges, but overall a nice, good running car.

First order of business was the temperature/thermostat situation. The temperature needle was pegged at 100*, the heater never warmed up, the idle was at 1500rpm, a fan was always on, and it was throwing a code for low temp. So I check out what's going on under the hood and see a big glob of silicone on the lower intake manifold where the thermostat housing bolts up. Great!

Pull the glob off and it's missing a big chunk of aluminum.

Guess this explains the low temperature. :eek:

The top bolt actually grabbed enough for me to tighten the housing down. I still used a little RTV just to cautious. I then globbed some JB Weld over top the exposed bolt threads. I figure it will hold for a while or until it comes time for a LIM gasket job.
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Got everything done and it does run a lot better and the heater blows nice and hot. The engine is a 3.1L. I was able to snug the bolt up and JB Weld it, so it should hold pretty good.
Man - that was spooky!

It's amazing what some jerks will do to a car, and the thing just keeps on running.

You may want to change the oil in the car now - can't help but think that because there was no thermostat in it, it was running rich as hell, and you have fuel in the oil.
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