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GPS Mounting Options

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My OnStar trial period is ending and I want to go back to a portable GPS. I would rather not put it on the windshield (worried about it falling off or getting stolen). Anyone have creative mounting options below the dash? Obviously I would like it as slick and professional looking as possible.
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Check the link in my sig.

Here is where I mounted mine, has unobstructed view for signal and close to the driver for easy viewing and safer driving.
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I like that, wonder how permanent it would be though.

EDIT: Just checked out the site, surprisingly the two mounts they offer are not a permanent thing. Could easily be installed and then removed with no harm to the car.
pffffffft. whats wrong with setting the location, turning it on loud and throwing it in the backseat and listen to the directions?

i didnt even remove the little round thing that you sit on your dash or the suction cup mount from the box when i bought it...
Haha, for one.......just listening sometimes isn't enough. You need to see to be prepared for your next turn/off-ramp...etc.

And second, signal. Throwing it in the back seat may not be the best way of getting good reception.
The Kuda mounts look neat -- I'd even think about getting both styles for my GPS and Phone. Then I looked at the price!!!
That would run over $200 total. Any lock on some resellers where a discount might be possible?

Seems steep but sometimes thats what quality aftermarkets are. Still, getting at least $50 off would be sweet :)
The price is steep, and for me the deal breaker would be that it is only available in black.
I have the Kuda with Garmin GPS mount for sale on eBay for the 08-11 Malibu, if anyone is interested. I put in a in dash gps unit, and no longer need the kuda mount.

You should put it up here in the Trading Post. Might just get rid of it a bit faster.
1 - 5 of 16 Posts
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