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2011 Malibu LT 2.4L - "Malbu"
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Hello hello hello!
My name's Will, I'm from Georgia. I've owned my "Malbu" for 9 months. I can say that I understand the hype for these cars - this thing is great!

I found this forum after having problems with my TPS, and now I'm finding out a bunch more about this car than I've ever known.

My Malibu is a 2011 LT, with the 2.4 L4 engine. It's got almost 188k miles, and for that many, it's doing pretty well. It's definitely not perfect.

It must have an exhaust leak. When cold, it's loud and smelly. Using fresh air for the heating/ac while the car is cold and stationary is not an option - the cabin will be filled with unfiltered exhaust gasses.

The engine makes a weird clanking noise when cold and accelerating, or even at operating temperature after idling for a while. I also discovered oil residue on the side of the block after I smelled a burnt smell coming from the front of the car.

The throttle is often... Unresponsive. I guess this has to do with my TPS issue.

The front suspension clanks over rough-ish road. It also squeaks and croaks like grandma's rocking chair.

Now for modding - I've done none of that. I've never owned a car so I'm unsure of what I'd want to change on it. It already has window tint, albeit poor quality tint. Rear window tint nonexistent, but evidence shows that the previous owner turned on rear defrost and it must've bubbled the tint up and they removed it. Rear defrost no longer works as it broke the lines in the window.
The car does have some extra pieces on it. The grille is chrome, the mirrors are chrome, and the door handles are chrome. Normally chrome isn't for me, but on the silver color it looks alright.
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The rims are quite scratched up, the previous owner must have loved scraping curbs.

I'm going to worry about spending my money fixing it first before modding it.

I love this car. I wish to learn more about it here!

Also, it's called the "Malbu" because the "I" on the back magically disappeared.
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