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Have a problem with my A/C in 03 LS

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Alright guys, I have a pretty bad issue that pisses me off. I live in Maryland and well, when its spring/summer, it gets hot! Here's my problem, the A/C works, but no cold air comes out. It blows air no problem and when you switch the modes like vent to defrost and etc, it works completely fine. There's just not any cold air that comes out. I tried recharging it and it blew a little cool air, but i think it might be out for good. I also checked all fuses and relays and there fine, the compressor turns on no problem, and etc. I hope someone could help me out, thanks.

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i filled myself and i have a feeling its a leak
dryer? :confused:
alright guys, thanks alot
thanks for the tip on the autozone, but bought the ac recharge for dummies and i did it that way, the way it said.
here's what i did.

1. found the low pressure valve cap and took it off and hooked up the hose for the recharger.
2. turned the car on and set the a/c on and turned the fans up all the way.
3. from there, i sat in the driver seat, keeping it at a steady 1500 rpms for three minutes and i had someone watch the gauge.
4. after that i charged it a little bit and yes i could hear the freon coming out.

it did make it a little cooler, like i said earlier, the a/c compressor turns on when i hit the switch, it pushes air through the vents and all the vent modes work. i only use the a/c when im on the highway because i have my windows up and when im on city or country streets, ill usually just have my window down. i never run the a/c with the windows down. last summer, you would get out of the car shivering because of the a/c, now it atleast cools it a little in the cabin.
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