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Have a problem with my A/C in 03 LS

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Alright guys, I have a pretty bad issue that pisses me off. I live in Maryland and well, when its spring/summer, it gets hot! Here's my problem, the A/C works, but no cold air comes out. It blows air no problem and when you switch the modes like vent to defrost and etc, it works completely fine. There's just not any cold air that comes out. I tried recharging it and it blew a little cool air, but i think it might be out for good. I also checked all fuses and relays and there fine, the compressor turns on no problem, and etc. I hope someone could help me out, thanks.

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who filled it? you might have a leak somewhere. they have stuff you can put in there that witha black light will show you where it is leaking.
yea track down the leak. you will also need to buy a new dryer
i wouldn't use sealer personally. find the leak and fix it rather than a bandaid.
you don't solder it either lol

find out what is leaking and replace it. there are only so many parts lol ;)

my guess is one of the three...main line, dryer or compressor. those are the most common
you can get freon and a gauge at any parts store. I have a leak tester kit (yellow glass, black light and the stuff for it) makes life easier...oh and you are supposed to replace the drier anytime the system is "opened"
if duck tape worked on fuel lines then i would be in heaven lol
werd, dryer...$20...compressor...$400 cheap insurance
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