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I just bought an '06 Chevy Malibu Maxx SS and I don't know squat about vehicles.
I was told the passenger side headlight won't turn on due to the wiring, the bulbs are newish still -- I haven't a clue what wiring, what it's called or the best/easiest/cheapest way to fix it is. Suggestions?
Also, the horn does not work, was told it could POSSIBLY be a fuse, but not sure

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Knowing not even squat (lol) you would be better to have someone with even just a rudimentary idea of what should and shouldn't be. The headlight not lighting could be a fuse or relay, which are easy to test and replace. It could be wiring that a rodent has chewed through or damage from a former collision and/or bad repair, or a burned out bulb. If it was not cleaned with alcohol before being installed, there's a good chance that the bulb has died.

Horn: start with the fuse, then relay, then wiring.
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