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Headlight Upgrade - What do I need? / Introduction

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Hey there, Malibu Forum.
I'm Blake, I'm 18 and I just purchased an 18 Malibu Premier.
I've previously owned a 14 Cruze RS (ugh..) and 2002 Silverado.
Anyway, to the point: I'm looking to upgrade my headlights to (LED?). I've had them in both of those vehicles and I've been converted. However, I've found a lot of conflicting information. My go-to website, SuperBrightLEDs, doesn't have bulbs for this car and says they're some special (9005?). However, physically pulling the bulb out, it appears to be a regular 9005.
I've also read a couple of threads regarding auto start/stop causing flickering. I don't believe my car has auto start stop as it has no button, I haven't felt it start/stop at red lights, and it doesn't have the "AUTO STOP" section on the tach.

Basically, if anybody can point me in the right direction, it'd be very much appreciated. Thanks all!
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You have no auto stop in your car if it's a Premier. I'm not sure what "Premier RS" means under your username. The RS is a trim situated between the LS and LT but I don't believe it even started until 2019.

View the other threads in this modifications section. The discussion right below has a link to a nice LED upgrade thread from other owners.
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