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Hi I am new to the forum.

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The Wife and I are thinking of getting a Malibu, with in the next couple of weeks ranging in age from 2000 to 2007 I really like the shape of the 2005/2007 (This why I am here to learn more about them) well
earlier not so much, but if I had to well I will.............:D

Well, there is my story and I am from Canada hope that is OK...........:)
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Canucks are welcome. (No offense intended.)

If you use the Search the Site box or just cruise around the forums for the model years you're interested in you should be able to find quite a bit to mull over.

Welcome to CMF! (I guess for you that "Canadian" Malibu Forum!) ;)

Thanks for the welcome, and the tips to find out about the different models, I don't take offense, you are cool, get this, I was born in England, but one parent was English and the other Canadian, so I found out I was dual sweet............:D

So I am 50/50
Welcome to the Site,

I have relatives that live near the Canadian boarder and maybe even distance one’s in Canada too!
The Wife has relatives in California, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Oklahoma, we often go to Oklahoma.
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