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hi there , im buying a used 2019 Lt with 1.5 l

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Hi all

so i went to see the car and there was little white smoke and blow by coming out of the engine (dip stick) and I asked around some said it was normal because of the turbo

so I need your help guys, if someone can send me a video or post a video of a normal engine with a perfect condition so I can used it for as a reference , the sound and if you pull the dipstick how much air and smoke comes out

I have asked like 7 people , they all said something different

any help will be highly appreciated
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Vapor coming out the dipstick tube on a 1.5.
Looks like the cracked piston issue to me. Run away from that car no matter how good the price is. Turbo motor should not be doing that at all if it's healthy.
Normal blow by should fully controlled by the PCV system at idle in any engine no matter how old it is if it's in good condition.
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