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are the malibus headlamps really angled perfectly for HIDs? also did any of you guys add retrofit projectors? how much did you pay? im thinking of gettin HIDs so i did some research and found out that HIDs are illegal unless the housing was BUILT for hids (i seen many people with HIDs btw in many different cars not just bmws and acuras). so is the housing compatible with HIDs? would i be able to pass inspection?
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im not too sure if it is built for HIDS however they line up perfectly and dont blind anyone thus assuming that they might be. I haven't had ANY issues with people flashing me for my HID's so they obviously dont bother anyone unless you get over 6000k it should be no problem. My kit is rated at 8000k however I believe it's a 6000k kit as it does not look too blue and my friend got a 6k kit in his car and its color is IDENTICAL to mine.
thanks alot man :) i just got my windows tinted today and at the place i got it from, the owner said HIDs are NOT illegal in the state of massachusetts so im gonna save up for that. im looking at the 4300k HIDs (i think thats the correct one, the really white one) i think it'll look really good with my white malibu since im also gonna two tone it black and it woodnt make sense having blue-ish HIDs
5000K is your best bet. If my headlights in a 2001 Grand Prix can hold up to HIDs (not me but many friends), a new Malibu DEFINITELY can.
Has anyone used the EFX off of Ebay? Auction #170264070528

4300K Bulbs

How are the EFX? Are they cheap knock offs? How will they handle the DRLs, etc?
i have a full brand new set of 8k im lookin to sell if anyones interested - the best in my opinion and experience with several sets of hids over the years
not lookin to get rich - since they are untouched brand new never opened im also not lookin to lose out all together either... pm an offer and we can toss it around
how did you remove the bulbs to install the hids in the car so i can do the same thing please
kdawg207 what bulbs did you use? i'm still confused wether they are H1 or H11?
h11 is the bulb

to do the install search around the site -- there is some good info in several threads
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